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XML ToolWorks Plug-In
for Adobe InDesign

Import and export any xml to or from any InDesign layout, under the control of the most powerful xml transformation engine available today. XML ToolWorks brings enterprise-class xml functionality previously available only in high end proprietary products within the reach of all users.

XML ToolWorks works well with all documents, from the very-basic to the most highly-designed. It imports xml to any page layout and exports xml to any DTD. There is never a need to change layout requirements to accommodate xml. On export it creates valid xml in one step - no need for time consuming and costly xml file transformation.

Extreme technology kept simple

While its performance and capability are extreme using XML ToolWorks is simple and straightforward. XML ToolWorks builds workflows that your current staff will find easy to use. Authors, designers and production staff need not be concerned with, or aware of, xml structure.

Images may be imported and exported along with text content. XML ToolWorks includes an easy-to-use pinning tool option permitting precise graphic placement (for inline graphic references for example).

Powerful processing and Mark Logic Server integration

XML ToolWorks capability is extensive: xml transformation and rules processing; InDesign library callouts; element, attribute or content triggers; metadata integration. Additional features include special character mapping and table handling (including CALS-compliant xml). Operation may be standalone, or a batch process.

Clients with Mark Logic servers can import complete xml files, or xml “snippets” directly from their Mark Logic server using our XQuery plug-in. After page editing, xml files may be exported back to the repository with the same plug-in.

Integrate metadata with MetaNotes

MetaNotes™ is our metadata editor and forms-builder for InDesign. It is unique in its ability to integrate metadata to InDesign at the document, frame, text, and character level. MetaNotes imports or exports with InDesign and InCopy.

MetaNotes form fields are user-customizable, editable and searchable. Multiple forms can be created for use in a document. MetaNotes xml output may be targeted to any standard or proprietary DTD or schema. MetaNotes xml may be exported stand-alone or integrated with the content export when used in conjunction with XML TooLWorks.

Configurable for any workflow

Convert legacy content to XML. Convert print to HTML. Roundtrip and cross-application XML. Workflows from Word to InDesign are straightforward when used in conjunction with our our Adobe InDesign plug-in. Flow from Word to a perfect first-flow InDesign layout in one easy step.


  • Increases productivity and reduce errors
  • Frees up your creative staff for more creative work
  • InDesign export captures edits in layout and updates the xml repository with new content
  • Go from Word to finished print-layout in one step when used in conjunction with the ToolWorks plug-in for Word


  • One-step import of xml and metadata to any InDesign layout
  • One-step export of xml and metadata to any dtd regardless of complexity. No complex xslt post-processing.
  • Table export to CALS or HTML xml is standard capability.
  • Automates time-intensive, error-prone publishing tasks
  • MathML capable (used in conjunction with Mathtype and MS Word).
  • Interactive tool option simplifies precise pinning of graphics to content and selective export.
  • Batch processing functionality available

Publish to Web

The same xml engine that powers our print plug-ins can drive your web cms with correctly formatted XHTML. We can interface with your web cms, xml server, or database to provide a single interface driving your web-channel publishing.

Platforms, OS, versions, supported

Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3 and CS4. Available for MAC and PC platforms.