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Finding metadata a bumpy road ?

Whether used to improve retrieval, refine search results, manage digital objects, or monetize assets, in todays publishing environment metadata plays a key role. Successful publishing in a digital world requires a comprehensive metadata implementation.

Yet metadata use is relatively recent and many publishers are finding it tough terrain.

MetaNotes paves that path.

MetaNotes™ is a metadata editor and forms-builder from ME available as InDesign and InCopy plug-ins.

MetaNotes is the solution!

MetaNotes™ is our metadata editor and forms-builder for InDesign. It is unique in its ability to integrate metadata to InDesign content at the document, frame, text, and character level. MetaNotes imports or exports with InDesign and InCopy.

Forms are customizable, editable and searchable and multiple forms may be used in a document.

MetaNotes xml output works with any DTD or schema.

MetaNotes xml may be exported stand-alone or integrated with the content export.

MetaNotes Features

  • Place metadata at document, frame, or content levels
  • Use metadata at any level of content. Nest metadata in paragraphs, sentences, words or characters
  • Import, update, or add InDesign metadata from any source including database or servers at any time
  • Metadata is exported in XML and may be configured to target any DTD or schema
  • Metadata forms and fields are user customizable. Multiple forms can be configured for a document
  • Forms and fields are editable and searchable

Wide range of applications

Educational publishers use MetaNotes to prep NIMAS compliant XML versions of print textbooks. Learning management systems can be driven with associated skills, learning-levels, and correct answers integrated with content

MetaNotes can be used to attribute sources to quotes, or cross references within a document. STM publishers appreciate MetaNotes configurability to conform to any dtd. Newspapers can target NewsML or AdsML data.

The simplicity and ease of use of MetaNotes means that knowlege workers involved in content creation or editing can add metadata at the most opportune time.