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XML ToolWorks - Quark XPress Xtension

XML ToolWorks Quark XPress Xtension imports and exports XML to and from Quark XPress. With the sophisticated processing power of XML ToolWorks engine making complex dtd-aware xml decisions, in conjunction with our style mapping, ToolWorks seamlessly imports and exports valid xml data every time, easily handling any range of document types - from the simplest to the most-complex.

On export it creates valid xml if you use a dtd (it works with any DTD) or outputs hierarchical and well-formed xml if no dtd is involved. On import it reads in XML data and perfectly styles and formats your Quark document.


  • Increases productivity and reduce errors
  • Frees up your creative staff for more creative work
  • XPress export captures edits in layout and updates the xml repository with new content
  • Go from Word to finished print-layout in one step when used in conjunction with the ToolWorks plug-in for Word


  • One-step extremely-rapid export or import of XML to and from Quark
  • Powerful processing provides one step valid xml to any dtd. No need for complex xslt post-processing.
  • Table export to CALS standard xml is standard capability.
  • Interactive tool simplifies export selection and provides for precise pinning of graphics to content.
  • Batch processing functionality available
  • XML ToolWorks Quark Xtension is available for import-only, export-only, or roundtrip XML workflows.

Converting, exporting and importing

Prior to import or export a map file is created one-time for a class of document types. The map-file associates document styles with XML element names and hierarchies. A Map-builder tool and UI makes creating a map straightforward. Thereafter, the map and dtd are used by the engine to create the XML. If you use a dtd, the ToolWorks will write valid xml conforming to your dtd. If thre is no DTD, XML ToolWorks creates well formed and hierarchically correct xml.

Configurable for any workflow

Convert legacy content to XML. Convert print to HTML. Roundtrip and cross-application XML. Workflows from Word to Quark are straightforward when used in conjunction with our our XPress plug-in. Flow from Word to a perfect first-flow layout in one easy step. On import XMl ToolWorks creates perfectly styled Quark documents no matter how design intensive the page layout.

Platforms, OS, versions, supported

Quark XPress, 4 and 5. Available on MAC platform only.