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XML ToolWorks Plug-In for Microsoft Word

Our Plug-In for MS Word imports and exports xml with MS Word. Using the sophisticated processing power of XML ToolWorks engine to make complex DTD decisions in conjunction with style mapping, ToolWorks seamlessly imports and exports valid xml data every time and easily handles any range of document types - from the simplest to the most-complex.

XML ToolWorks exports valid xml based on any DTD or hierarchical and well-formed xml without a DTD. On import it reads in xml data and perfectly styles and formats your Word document.

But wait - there's more! XML ToolWorks' pwerful processing engine imports and exports images and Word tables. It elegantly handles numbered lists, bullets, indenting, and footnotes. And, when, used in conjunction with MathType from Design Science, it incorporates MathML equation descriptions into the xml output.

Integrate with any workflow

Legacy content to xml - Print to HTML - Roundtrip xml - Cross-application content exchange. Workflows from Word to InDesign are straightforward when used in conjunction with our our Adobe InDesign plug-in. Flow from Word to a perfect first-flow InDesign layout in one easy step.

Publish to web

The same xml engine powering our print plug-ins can drive your web CMS with formatted XHTML. We can interface with your web CMS, XML repository, or file structures to provide a single interface driving your web-channel publishing.


  • One-step, extremely-rapid export or import of xml to and from Word
  • Works with standard Word documents – authors and editors need no special software
  • Permits re-purposing, pre-purposing, and parallel processing.
  • Flow from Word to finished print-layout when used with ME plug-ins for InDesign and XPress.


  • One-step valid xml to any DTD regardless of complexity - no need for complex XSLT post-processing.
  • Table export to XHTML or CALS-compliant xml.
  • MathML capable (used in conjunction with MathType).
  • Pre-flighting tool available for document checking prior to export.
  • Batch processing functionality available