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Automate repetitive tasks.

For recurring work, Maestro can manage components and automate processes. Maestro connects relationships between templates, libraries, maps, documents, page types, sub-maps, dtd, files and queries.

Access and integrate data from multiple sources

Maestro queries xml servers and databases for files, sections, or snippets of files. It integrates and flows to page layouts or library objects. For example, a catalog producer can pull data from separate marketing, financial, and SKU servers and integrate them all into one library object that is dynamically created, styled, and placed onto an InDesign layout.

Area composition

Some publishers have different writers authoring separate sections of the same page. With Maestro, each page area can be updated individually. When area copy is deemed final, Maestro goes to work and dynamically updates the page.

Metadata Handling

Metadata may be accessed from multiple databases and placed or assigned to content and stored as MetaNotes. MetaNotes may be searched, edited, and assigned at document, frame, string, or character levels. Examples could include correct answers to questions, or lexile and interest level related to specific passages.

Correlation Standards

For K-12 textbooks correlation standards can be accessed from their database and dynamically updated onto completed pages. Alternatively, standards may also be assigned content and then update a standards database.