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meConnect is the bridge between the Maestro Publishing Platform and your other publishing systems.

While editors use Maestro to connect to the web content management system, previewing or releasing articles for publication, me Connect is the bridge. While your teams use Maestro to browse, access and upload content from repositories and digital asset management systems meConnect software provides the bridge.

And meConnect's extensibility assures the longevity of your investment. If your content management system has an open API, an interface with meConnect is possible and designed to provide seamless connectivity between systems and the XML Maestro products and plug-ins.

The ME bridge to everywhere!

In a diverse world of databases, xml servers, CMS, and DAMS, me Connect supports file exchange, uploads, downloads, SQL and XQuery, between these systems and ME products.

  • Verify connectivity and establish credentials
  • Perform server administration tasks
  • Manage user accounts
  • Test and save queries
  • Transfer, access and select files
  • Delete, rename, and move files
  • View and navigate directory structures
  • Note: Some features may be system API dependent