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XML Maestro

Plan, Organize, Manage, and Monitor print and digital publishing projects from one environment: XML Maestro

Maestro provides management, monitoring, planning, and production modules for print, web, and digital publishing in a single browser interface. Together with XML ToolWorks, Maestro dramatically reduces your publishing project production time, while providing print and digital agility and parallel production.

XML ToolWorks for InDesign

XML ToolWorks powerful processing brings enterprise-class xml capability to InDesign/InCopy. Configurable for any workflow, from roundtrip to one-way legacy export, it works with any DTD and imports or exports with any layout, from straightforward to very complex.

Complete metadata integration available when used with MetaNotes. Import, add, edit, search metadata in InDesign at the document, frame, or character level.


MetaNotes™ is our metadata editor and forms-builder plug-in for Adobe InDesign™. MetaNotes is unique in its capability of associating metadata at the document, frame, and content level. In conjunction with our plug-ins for Word and InDesign it provides complete xml integration for the most demanding of requirements.

XML ToolWorks for Word

XML ToolWorks for Word Plug-in imports and exports XML with Microsoft Word and works with any DTD or xml file format. Using the sophisticated processing power of our engine to make complex dtd xml decisions, XML ToolWorks seamlessly imports and exports any xml data.