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The Challenge: XML Publishing

The web and digital world has hit all publishers hard: new formats, parallel production flows and simultaneous delivery to market; a constantly changing competitive environment with new players and tough competition.

How do publishers resolve the seemingly conflicting goals of agile content, reduced cost, and shorter time to market?

Many look to XML and see ME solutions as a good fit.

The Solution: XML Publishing, simply.

Media Entities products drive xml publishing workflows for print and digital media. We provide xml solutions that work with your current publishing applications, shield your creative team from daunting xml complexity, and reduce production time for all types of projects from simple and straightforward to extremely complex.

XML ToolWorks engine is unique in the industry. A single highly-developed and multifaceted xml processing engine powers our plug-ins for Word, InDesign, Quark Xpress as well as different digital-media drivers - making it the most-capable xml publishing engine currently available to publishers.

Book Publishers

Whether you outsource it all or do everything in-house, there's a place for Maestro and XML ToolWorks in your workflow.

Word to InDesign: Editors and production staff do not need new software or training. XML ToolWorks converts Word to xml at any time. InDesign users are freed from xml tagging as well as repetitive, time consuming production tasks, permitting them to focus on design and layout.

For simultaneous delivery ToolWorks supports parallel production of print and digital media.

Legacy content: Use export to convert archive material to xml and any DTD.

Magazine Publishers

Highly-designed magazines with many layout changes appreciate the power of XML ToolWorks to deal with complex layouts. Our interactive export tool option makes perfect export painless and fast.

For magazines using more straightforward design, or for those that use templated-pages, text import is highly automated and breathtakingly fast. Placeholders are used for copy reservation and xml flows to the pages in seconds with perfect styling. Edits and revisions can occur in either the layout, or in Word.

Edits done on the InDesign layout page may be exported and update the xml repository or go straight to HTML for web publishing.

Catalog Publishers

Catalog producers benefit from the ability of XML ToolWorks to use placeholders and update the layout page instantly from a single source or multiple databases. Changes made on the layout page update the database. Our SQL and XQuery connectivity handles complete files or updates specified content only.

Journal and STM Publishers

STM publishers need print and electronic versions simultaneously, a key capability of XML ToolWorks. Special requirements such as MathML, complex tables, special characters, footnotes and references are standard features. Our ability to produce one-step valid xml to any dtd without the need for xslt processing is unique in the industry.


Whether it's Print to web, Web-to-Print, ADSML or NEWSML, converting archive material, or pagination, our modular solutions for Quark XPress, and InDesign plug-in easily to newspaper editorial and advertising systems.

And because of it's versatility, XML ToolWorks integrates easily into any workflow: for roundtrip, import-only, or export-only workflows with external system connectivity and XML to any format requirements.


Many corporations use XML internally but provide external users a non-xml format (Word) for revision. We create Word from XML and roundtrip from Word to XML for storage.

For database publishing applications our server connectivity, SQL, and XQuery capability provide for rapid generation of richly designed custom documents and selectively-updated documentation.